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Episode 51 Show Notes


The government is always buying, they’re always building, and they pay! So if you haven’t already considered adding a vertical dedicated to government sales, then you’ll definitely want to hear this episode. Pat Morrison of Price Modern is sharing all of his knowledge regarding the federal government market and what you can do to put a foot in it today.


Aside from always buying and you being guaranteed to receive payment, the government is also required to be extremely transparent about the jobs that they’re doing. This isn’t always the case in the private sector, so take advantage of it. 


Additionally, they are required to send a certain amount of business to businesses classified as certain socio-economic statuses. Pat shares exactly what those statuses are and how you could possibly qualify for one. 

He also reminds us, me included, that government agencies exist everywhere. Don’t forget about the smaller agency installments throughout our country and abroad. Wherever our government has an embassy or a designated space in another country, that’s technically US soil. They need furniture too!


There are so many reasons that all office furniture dealers and manufacturers should be building relationships with our federal government, listen in to learn just a few! Pat is very well-versed and knows how to turn a boring topic into one that you simply want to know more about.


In this episode: 

[02:33] Welcome to the show, Pat!

[02:45] Pat shares his background, his title, and what he does.

[04:02] “DC is the epicenter of the federal government market.”

[04:27] Pat speaks about his journey in the furniture industry.

[05:36] Listen as Pat discusses why you need a federal government strategy.

[07:01] Pat believes that selling to the federal government isn’t hard, but it takes time.

[10:12] The government is everywhere, you will always get paid, and the government has to be transparent are the three things Sid wants to highlight.

[12:33] The benefits of being a GSA schedule contractor.

[13:54] Why you want a GSA schedule, especially now.

[16:16] What a Packaged Office Contract is and why it's beneficial.

[18:40] How to learn to sell to the government.

[21:10] If you have a socio-economic status, the government is directed to send business your way.

[23:56] Pat talks about the 8A, and ANC statuses and what they are.

[27:00] If they have a budget and they don’t spend their allotted budget, they will lose the money for the following year's budget.

[29:08] His insights to the future of sales with the government.

[32:23] What has made him and Price Modern so successful selling to the Federal Government.

[35:14] Pat shares why you would want to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and what they do.

[40:20] Thank you for being on the show!


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