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Episode 53 Show Notes


Sometimes it’s nice to simply have a conversation. Jeff Carlson of My Resource Library and I sat down to do a super informal Q and A session and it was a ton of fun. Listen as we chat about the role of ecologically friendly design, trends in the industry, and how our industry has been irrevocably changed due to Covid. 


Jeff Carlson is passionate about connecting the various players in the contract interiors industry. Every project has a slew of different people involved in moving it to completion, so he helped create the perfect resource to keep everyone on track. 


He’s sharing the story behind My Resource Library as well as why it’s an amazing resource for your team and your customers.


Then we start to chat about how environmentally friendly design has become a huge focus even in contract interiors spaces. The younger generations are dedicated to finding ways to incorporate nature in design and bringing the world back to a healthier time.


From there we move into a discussion about all kinds of trends we’re seeing in the industry. Everything from return to work trends, to purchasing, to the role of live events and showcases in our industry. 


This really was a fun conversation touching on a bunch of different pieces of the contract interiors puzzle as seen from different sides of the industry. You’ll want to listen in to hear all the amazing details.


In this episode: 

[02:38] Welcome to the show, Jeff!

[03:32] Listen as Jeff shares what is happening with My Resource Library and what they are focusing on for the next year.

[07:42] MRL is not just an ecommerce platform, it integrates with their business systems.

[09:32] New features that are coming up and how they have grown in recent months.

[12:19] The 100 pro education accounts, universities for interior design students. Auburn University has added My Resource Library to their curriculum.

[14:11] Learn about the North American Independent Rep Council Jeff started.

[16:00] “The way we did business before is not the way we will do business going forward.”

[17:29] Most people don’t believe there is a new model, things are not going back to the way they were in 2019.

[21:08] The younger generations today care so much more about the environment.

[25:09] What he thinks will change in the industry in 2021 - 2022.

[25:45] Listen as we discuss going to NeoCon.

[29:01] You can’t let failure keep you from continuing to try.

[29:52] What dealers need to change to remain relevant in the digital world.

[33:01] Learn what manufacturers are looking for when they reach out to Jeff for new representation in a market.

[35:30] The advice he would give to a salesperson to be more successful in 2021 - 2022.

[37:51] My thoughts on the biggest trend changes I’ve seen in the last four years in the industry.

[40:50] The anxiety he feels around flying and traveling now since the pandemic.

[44:05] Why I’m all about Clubhouse for our industry.

[47:17] Thank you for being on the show!


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