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Episode 59 Show Notes



There’s nothing like starting a new role with a company weeks before the entire world shuts down due to a pandemic. Rich Oliver started with 9 to 5 Seating just before everything was cancelled but now as things open up, he’s sharing their relevance in our industry. 


Seating is one of the most competitive and saturated areas of the contract interiors industry. As we all know, almost every single brand has some sort of seating solution that they go-to-market with because it’s integral to overall design and function. 


So, what sets 9 to 5 Seating apart from the crowd? First, they have an amazing chair designer tool to help their clients, customers, and sales team create the perfect designs with supporting documentation in a flash. 


Second, they focus heavily on the research that goes into the ergonomic function of their seating. A good chair doesn’t just look aesthetically pleasing. It also supports the end-user in all different manner and ways of sitting. 


Listen as he shares more about 9 to 5 Seating, his role there, and why he thinks they are truly the best seating solution on the market. We also dig into the need for independent reps and why they’re important in the industry as a whole. 


In this episode: 

[02:06] Welcome to the show, Rich!

[02:34] Rich shares his background and what he does with 9-to-5 Seating.

[04:00] Rich talks about consistency in sales and what is happening in the industry now.

[06:32] Listen as Rich discusses what he feels the role of a small brand plays in the industry.

[09:25] What makes 9-to-5 standout in a crowded seating market?

[11:46] Go to 9-to-5’s website site and check out their Seating Chair Designer Tool.

[12:18] What he believes is important about having independent reps in the industry.

[14:12] Cross selling and the need for dealers and manufactures to offer different brands.

[16:46] Learn about research and how they use it in their product development.

[19:47] Rich discusses Flokk and who they are.

[20:43] A lot of the designs we see in the U.S originated in Europe.

[22:08] His advice to independent reps to make themselves more valuable to the industry.

[26:01] Why a dealer wants to work with and partner with 9-to-5.

[28:37] Thank you for being on the show!


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