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Episode 60 Show Notes



The world of the workforce is changing and has been for decades. No longer is your job title the sum of your entire professional identity. Listen as Dr. Sarabeth Berk shares her story and why we have moved into the realm of the hybrid professional.


Dr. Sarabeth Berk has dealt with several moments in her own life where she battled a professional identity crisis. The first was after she graduated college. She had identified as a student for 22 years of her life and that was no longer part of her identity. Who was she now? 


After entering the workforce, she had three more moments of questioning her overall identity. These moments forced her to evaluate her beliefs around identity and professional identity. Which is why she wrote her book, More Than My Title, because what she found was that she identified as so much more than what her title implied. 


Listen as she shares her view of the workforce and how it has changed overall. She also provides a visual representation of the different types of professional identities that she has found. Which type do you identify with?


In this episode: 

[02:09] Welcome to the show, Sarabeth!

[02:35] She shares her background and what she is doing now.

[04:38] Sarabeth speaks about her book and why she felt the need to write it.

[07:45] She explains the three different types of professionals in the workforce.

[08:09] Singularity is one professional identity.

[08:19] Multiplicity are people who wear a lot of hats.

[08:37] Hybridity: a hybrid professional is a worker who has many professional identities but works at the intersection of those identities.

[10:02] Identity is a social construct.

[13:25] The journey to being an entrepreneur is not a paved road.

[15:02] When hybrid professionals are in their intersection, they are in their zone of genius.

[16:24] Sarabeth talks about her workbook.

[18:24] I have been on a journey of reinventing myself and stepping into what I want to do.

[20:02] Listen as Sarabeth talks about how to brand yourself and she explains what personal branding is.

[23:00] Being able to define and articulate who you are and what you do is the name of the game.

[24:04] She discusses why she believes people are afraid of looking inside and doing the work.

[27:01] Sarabeth talks about how leaders are responding to conversations about embracing the hybrid professional.

[31:44] She is sharing some words of encouragement for the listeners.

[34:40] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson


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