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Episode 62 Show Notes



Longevity in a company’s workforce is a key indicator of the health, values, and strength of a company. My next guest has been working with 3form for many years and has climbed the ranks to become the VP of Sales. Jennifer Ruckel joins me to share her journey and why she wholeheartedly believes in her company and what they’re doing to create radical transformation.


It’s been said before on this podcast and I imagine it will be said again, now, more than ever, we have an obligation to meet our customers where they are at. Gone are the days of the “lunch and learn.” Gone are the days of vendor visits and creating in-person relationships through frequent visits. 


What does this mean for our industry? 


Per Jennifer, it means finding the digital tools that work for your company and using them to create strong relationships virtually. Traditional selling is dead. Building relationships and creating strong ties is necessary.


At 3form this means using sales enablement tools to their full capacity. They already have a tried and true product. They have years of research and innovation behind them and team willing to continue that tradition. Now it’s up to sales and marketing to find new ways to connect with their customers. 


Listen in as Jennifer shares her story and what they’re doing at 3form to build stronger in the coming years. 


In this episode: 

[02:12] Welcome to the show, Jennifer!

[02:43] She shares her background and what she is doing now.

[04:41] 3form is a translucent resin manufacturer.

[08:22] They still today encapsulate organics, which is one of their best sellers.

[10:49] Listen as Jennifer discusses how they have expanded their brand and company.

[14:31] She talks about what it takes to be a dealer for 3form.

[18:47] She explains what light art is and how they got started making light fixtures.

[21:41] Jennifer discusses how they are selling in the digital market and how important relationship selling still is.

[24:01] She talks about the sales enablement tools that are out in the digital realm.

[27:48] Traditional selling is dead, relationship building is key.

[31:12] Jennifer shares about working with the A&D and how it is changing.

[34:34] “Our industry will be transformed not by product innovation but by process innovation.” Amanda Schneider.

[37:03] Listen as Jennifer shares the difference between mentorship and sponsorship.

[40:38] She discusses what a sponsor can do for an individual.

[45:20] Thank you for being on the show!


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