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Episode 63 Show Notes



Diversification is the key to business growth per Dean McIntyre. He has spent his career finding ways to intermingle his interests and his ventures in such a way that they fuel each other as well as his creative and professional needs. Listen as he shares his background and how he’s found creative ways to diversify his businesses. 


Dean has been at the forefront of commercial acoustic design and installation for several years now. Through his work with ezoBord and Quiet Earth Moss, he has created a name for himself and dominated this particular aspect of commercial building and design. 


Dean is a co-founder of Swiftspace. A quick office set up for both temporary and permanent office spaces. Swiftspace is now the number one OEM customer for ezoBord and both fuel the other in generating customers and revenue.


Dean personifies the values and traits of a true entrepreneur. As he says, opportunities beget more opportunities. You simply have to be willing to look at the world, your business, and your products in various lights. Be open to seeing new possibilities and diversification will happen naturally. 


Listen in to hear all of his words of wisdom and be sure to keep a notebook out. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to take notes and apply some of his principles immediately to your own ventures. 


In this episode: 

[01:15] Shout out to Carrie in Australia for the great review!

[03:13] Welcome to the show, Dean!

[04:14] Dean shares who he is and what his organization does globally.

[07:41] “I believe opportunities breed more opportunities.”

[08:20] How he got involved with Ezobord.

[10:36] What he believes is attributed to the growth they have seen in the last five years.

[12:39] He talks about the leadership position he is taking with Ezobord.

[14:35] They were the first in North American to domestically manufacture PET.

[18:38] Dean believes you need to be diversified instead of having only one stream of revenue.

[19:16] He discusses Quiet Earth and how he got involved.

[22:24] Dean was able to combine Ezobord products with the Quiet Earth Moss products.

[25:06] Quiet Earth Moss is art and you can incorporate it into your facility.

[27:48] He discusses Swiftspace, what it is and how it’s used.

[31:38] Dean gives advice to business leaders that want to diversify their companies.

[34:22] Thank you for being on the show!


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