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Episode 64 Show Notes



Something new is coming to our industry and I cannot wait to share it with you. To help me do that Stefanie Ince joins me to reveal a massive project we’ve undertaken to help revitalize our industry workforce. Listen in to hear all about this amazing initiative. 


Stefanie Ince is an Executive Director at INDEAL Cares. A charitable organization dedicated to bettering the lives of people in the workforce throughout North America. She has since helped start a new program called Dovetail. 


Dovetail is a program designed to help spread the word about our industry amongst young people coming out of high school and college. So many of us fell into the contract interiors space without even realizing it was there. We’ve since stayed and have grown and grown up in the industry.


What we need now is new blood. Listen as Stefanie details exactly how Dovetail aims to do that and ways that you can get involved and spread the message. 


In this episode: 

[02:13] Welcome to the show, Stefanie!

[02:32] She shares who she is and what she does.

[03:43] Listen as Stefanie discusses the challenges that led to the creation of Dovetail.

[06:07] She talks about Dovetail’s mission and what they want to accomplish.

[09:01] Stefanie shares the structure of Dovetail and the industry veterans who are currently involved with them.

[12:01] She speaks about the passion the people of Dovetail have for the industry.

[16:23] Stefanie discusses their recruitment strategy and who they are trying to attract.

[20:56] This is a great opportunity for the industry to have exposure and be talked about.

[22:45] One of the unique selling propositions of the industry is the massive number of jobs and opportunities there are.

[25:31] She also shares about the internships that are available in the industry.

[27:00] Stefanie talks about why they need people in the industry to get involved.

[29:27] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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