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Episode 65 Show Notes



When your clients and customers are bidding new projects, how would they feel to know that your business was among a select group already vetted by a leader in the industry. It’d make them feel as if they were making a safe decision. Listen as Lisa Merder explains exactly how this works at OMNIA Partners. 


OMNIA Partners is a purchasing organization who is reshaping the future of purchasing. They operate in both the public and private sectors and have taken the guesswork out of hiring vendor partners for any size job. 


They are the largest and most experienced partner in procurement and supply chain management. When they sign vendors on, those vendors go through a strict vetting process before being added to the OMNIA Partners fold. 


Now OMNIA Partners is moving more heavily into the private sector and changing the way relationships are made. Listen as Lisa shares her role as well as the overall goal of OMNIA Partners in the contract interiors industry. She’s also detailing how we can better use both public and private sectors to grow stronger, more adaptable businesses.


In this episode: 

[02:20] Welcome to the show, Lisa!

[02:31] She shares who she is, what she does and her journey in the furniture industry.

[06:00] Listen as Lisa talks about why she believes the industry will have a surge of business soon.

[08:31] Working from home has now become a selling feature when companies are hiring new employees.

[12:18] Lisa defines what she means by the public sector.

[13:15] Cooperative purchasing is the vehicle and OMNIA Partners facilitate the process.

[16:05] Cooperative purchasing allows dealers to piggyback on a bid process that has already been done.

[18:23] She discusses how the private sector is different and how OMNIA Partners work with them.

[21:18] Lisa talks about who is in the private sector.

[22:40] She shares how a business can become a member of OMNIA Partners.

[25:50] She speaks about what goes into the whole process and finding the secret sauce to make everything work.

[28:27] Lisa talks about how you can become a supply partner with OMNIA Partners.

[29:56] Lisa will join me on Thursdays episode of Instagram Live!

[32:19] Thank you for being on the show!


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