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Episode 68 Show Notes



You have to know and understand your customers, but that mentality and culture needs to bleed through your organization. Rob Day of Fellowes Contract Interiors is dedicated to creating amazing customer experiences and he starts with the culture in his organization. 


Rob and I have known each other for many years and it has been fun for both of us to see how we’ve grown, connected, and evolved in this industry. We both have seen many sides of the industry but Rob has truly done it all. This overall view of the industry gives him the ability to recognize the challenges each person faces. 


The difference Rob brings to customer experience culture is how he defines the customer. Every single person in an organization is a customer. Each with their own challenges and needs and none more important than the next. 


All of his employees know to treat each and every person as if they are the singular customer and in this way he has built a true culture of customer experience. Listen in to hear more and how he thinks culture will impact the industry as we move forward post-Covid plus so much more.


In this episode: 

[02:26] Welcome to the show, Rob!

[03:49] He shares his role at Fellowes and what he does.

[07:41] He believes that it’s important to know who your customer is.

[11:31] Rob discusses his journey in the industry.

[13:13] He has seen the business from every side and given him the ability to recognize the challenges each person faces in the industry.

[17:37] It’s about the customer experience. 

[20:48] He shares what he believes the future of the industry looks like.

[23:00] The challenges will be labor, supplies and logistics.

[26:17] People like to connect with people face to face, which the pandemic has proven.

[29:41] Rob discusses the challenges of building relationships when everything is virtual.

[32:28] I believe it’s time to take big bold moves in our industry.

[34:10] Listen as he gives a sneak peek into what they are bringing to NeoCon.

[37:47] Thank you for being on the show!


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