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Episode 69 Show Notes



We’re back with another amazing CEO Chat. Max Verkamp started his career out in the kitchen and bath industry but when the head job at Indiana Furniture opened up he decided to put his hat in the ring. He got the job and has since been bringing his expertise from kitchen and bath into the office furniture industry. 


Indiana Furniture, formerly known as Indiana Desk, has been operating in the contract interiors space for decades. They are a well known player in our industry and it was one of the reasons that Max decided he’d like to work there. 


Prior to Covid, they started working on ways to expand their role in the industry and teamed up with Edge Design out of England to create seating solutions. That partnership has grown into a true collaboration with Indiana Furniture being able to create an entire line inspired by Edge Design but made for American buyers. 


We chat all about Max’s journey in the industry, how he thinks our industry is changing, and where we’re headed next. He also shares what to expect from Indiana Furniture at NeoCon and why he’s excited to be a part of the INDEAL platform. 


This was truly an amazing conversation that covers so much ground both for the industry and for Indiana Furniture in particular. You definitely won’t want to miss this one. 


In this episode: 

[02:19] Welcome to the show, Max!

[02:52] He shares his background and his journey in the industry.

[05:30] Listen as Max discusses some best practices he brought with him from the kitchen and bath industry.

[09:28] Max believes the key is listening to the customer.

[13:15] He talks about how important it is to give your employees a voice and then let them know you heard them.

[14:35] Listen as Max shares his insights into the future of the industry.

[17:58] As a manufacturer, he believes it’s their job to listen and give the customers what they really need as quickly as possible.

[20:08] He speaks about their partnership with Edge Design.

[24:08] They discuss how seating can define areas in businesses.

[25:51] Max shares what’s ahead for Indiana Furniture.

[28:35] He talks about the benefits he’s found in being a part of the INDEAL platform.

[30:42] Three things that allow Indiana Furniture to stand out in the industry.

[32:01] PITCH is an acronym for the traits they look for in ideal employees.

[34:36] Max shares what you will see from Indiana Furniture at NeoCon2021.

[38:10] Thank you for being on the show!


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