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Episode 70 Show Notes



If you’ve been in the contract interiors industry for any amount of time, you know that it sucks you in. Rob Langejans and I worked at the same company but in different capacities and now we are both coaches. He’s helping his clients go from common to compelling through executive coaching. Listen to learn more. 


Rob has been in the industry for many years. He has even been known to say that if he was going to leave his previous employer, he’d leave the industry as a whole. Instead, he went into coaching and realized that the contract interiors industry needed him. 


As coaches we ask a lot of questions. One of Rob’s most important training philosophies is that we need to ask more insightful questions. If your customer already has the answer ready and available, then the question is likely not insightful. 


Additionally, he helps his clients prepare for various engagements. People buy from people, so he walks his clients through their sales process in a way to make their interactions more engaging and compelling and less transactional. 


Rob is a fount of knowledge. He’s been in the industry long enough to understand the nuances of the client and vendor relationships and how to help each party interact more meaningfully. Listen in to learn more and maybe see if he can help you and your team.


In this episode: 

[02:47] Welcome to the show, Rob!

[04:52] He shares his background and talks about the new company he created.

[07:24] Listen as Rob discusses his philosophy on asking questions.

[09:45] “When you ask a question and the customer has the answer already, it’s probably not an insightful question.”

[12:09] He speaks about using your showroom as a selling tool.

[13:13] Rob discusses the types of services he provides.

[15:42] If you want to be different,“You have to go from common to compelling.” 

[18:56] He shares what his company does around training and selling skills.

[21:09] He talks about his process called LADDER.

[22:43] I share a story from my past about knowing your client.

[23:59] The first question should always be, who’s the customer?

[26:22] Listen as Rob shares how he got into the industry and the catalyst for launching Always Strategic.

[29:48] He speaks about the mentors he’s had in his life.

[35:15] Thank you for being on the show!


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