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Episode 71 Show Notes



When you communicate effectively you increase your earning potential by up to 50%. Did you know that? Neither did LeAnn Pashina until she started implementing her communications research and training in her own career. Listen in to hear all about her journey and why she’s passionate about developing powerful communication skills. 


LeAnn and I have worked together for many years and I’m very excited to have her on. She’s been in sales for most of her career and what she realized was that when she started investing in her personal development, she started earning more. 


Not just any personal development though. Specifically, the more she became interested in public speaking and increasing her communications ability, the most efficiently she closed sales. 


She now owns her own business called Creatively Communicate and she’s even written books on the topic. Listen in to learn how you can invest in yourself and raise your earning potential. She is truly an expert on this topic and I am so excited for you to get to learn from her.


In this episode: 

[03:32] Welcome to the show, LeAnn!

[04:40] She shares her background and about her company.

[07:30] Investing in yourself is very important and each individual's responsibility.

[08:42] Listen as LeAnn shares three ways she invests in herself.

[13:10] She talks about some sales trainers she learned from.

[15:35] She speaks about what prompted her to start Creatively Communicate.

[17:25] LeAnn discusses the books she has written.

[20:06] Sitting to the left of your prospect gives you a greater probability for closing a sale.

[23:27] She talks about what they do at Creatively Communicate.

[27:20] You want your pitch to feel natural and to lead with intrigue.

[28:40] She shares what she teaches in her programs.

[32:17] Every presentation should be about your prospect, not about you.

[33:32] LeAnn speaks about some exciting things she is doing now.

[36:00] Using a pause is a great tool.

[38:18] Thank you for being on the show!


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