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Episode 72 Show Notes



The biggest challenge to business owners today is the mindshift needed to think about projects and business in a new way. Rex Miller is a futurist who helps business owners look at complex problems in a new way and breakthrough the blocks their team is experiencing. He joins me to chat about the impact of stress on workplace design and how to approach it. 


Rex started his career at Southwestern Bell as a project manager and then quickly moved into the contract interiors space. He’s now combining his knowledge of the contract interiors industry and futurism to propel businesses forward rather than staying stagnant.


Step one is altering our mindset about business and what is possible. Especially lately with the increase in overall stress and stress in the workplace. Rex even notes that prior to the pandemic, work was the number one source of stress. 


That stress leads us into unhealthy coping mechanisms like using alcohol, eating less healthfully, and limiting our sleep. All of these coping mechanisms have led to what we now see as chronic illness. It all starts in the workplace. 


Listen to learn how we can and should design our workplaces to alleviate these stresses and help create a healthier population. The pandemic has opened our eyes to issues that we’ve always known were there, but didn’t know how to overcome. 


The future is here. Listen to see how you can start making a positive difference.


In this episode: 

[02:32] Welcome to the show, Rex!

[02:49] He shares his background and what he is doing now.

[05:35] He discusses the books he has written.

[08:49] Listen as Rex shares why he believes the industry isn’t moving forward.

[11:15] He talks about the things that cause stress and how stress contributes to unhealthy coping behaviors.

[14:20] Rex discusses how design can relieve stress in the workplace.

[17:25] He shares three other ways you can relieve stress in the workplace using GoDaddy as an example.

[19:54] He describes Legible Design.

[22:18] He shares his experience while working at a GoDaddy facility.

[25:08] “Every space has a voice and tells a story.”

[30:00] “We do a lot more than sell furniture and once we understand that paradigm shift we sell more than furniture, will be the beginning of an amazing transformation in our industry.”

[33:28] He gives a free offer to the listeners of this episode.

[34:56] Thank you for being on the show!


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