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Episode 73 Show Notes



Christian Jones has made his way into the furniture industry as a legacy from both his father and grandfather. He tried his hand at several different things, but made his way back to the known. Listen as we chat about the realities of doing business today and creative A&D strategies he is using to invite better conversations. 


Connecting with all the players in the industry has become increasingly more difficult. Zoom fatigue is real and finding ways to connect with designers in productive conversations is limited. This fatigue however has led to better conversations when they’re had. 


The challenges don’t stop at the Zoom issue. Their presentations have been condensed, very few people are allowed in their showrooms, and yet design choices still need to be made to finish out projects. These challenges have really spurred greater communication and collaboration. 


Listen as Christian shares more about what has changed in the industry and how he’s working to overcome the challenges presented by those changes. He’s also sharing his strategies for creatively approaching A&D teams and why flexibility is key.

In this episode: 

[02:32] Welcome to the show, Christian!

[02:41] Who he is and what he does.

[05:25] He talks about all the hats he wears at Linked Reps.

[06:55] Listen as Christian discusses the challenges he faces as an independent rep communicating with the design community.

[09:42] The dealer community is a little easier to communicate with and work with.

[13:38] Challenges he faces with the A&D community and the time he gets for presentations.

[17:19] “There is absolutely no way we can communicate who we are, what we do, and the products we sell to a very important community in 15 minutes.”

[18:41] Christian talks about some Zoom call meetings he had scheduled with design firms that no one attended and the impact it had on him.

[22:02] I give my thoughts on not showing up on calls that are on your calendar.

[26:54] Listen as Christian discusses the things he has done to connect with the A&D community.

[27:38] He talks about the Instagram videos they posted.

[36:42] “I believe this is the pinnacle of relationship marketing.”

[38:52] Christian shares the next big experience he is working on.

[42:31] Thank you so much for sharing your insights and stories!


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