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Episode 75 Show Notes



When you hear the word “networking” what goes through your mind? What does networking mean to you? This topic has been on my mind as the networking process changes with the times. Listen in to hear tips and strategies for networking in a hybrid world. 

To me, networking is about creating long term professional relationships. When you build them and cultivate them the right way, you’ll see the results in all areas of your professional life. But how can you network in this landscape? 

What we’re seeing are three different models, in-person, virtual, and a hybrid version. In-person seems to be unsustainable, virtual is great but harder to follow through, but what about this hybrid model? Having the option of in-person or virtual allows so many more people to attend which means you have the benefit of meeting so many more people.

So what are the best practices for networking in a hybrid world? 

First, have a plan. Know what you want to get out of the event and who you’d like to meet. Second, you need to know your business and offers inside and out. Next you’ll need to shift your focus and set your goals. 

Listen in to learn more about the Bs of networking and why it’s essential that you shift your views on networking as the world continues to evolve in a post-pandemic world.


In this episode: 

[01:41] Welcome to this solo episode on Networking!

[03:19] I want to give some tips and ideas on solving the issue of networking in this changing world.

[05:55] I believe it’s going to be harder to have in-person networking events.

[06:39] Virtual networking has many benefits, even if you are tired of Zoom calls.

[07:41] People are starting to embrace hybrid networking events.

[09:20] Social networking creates an amazing opportunity to connect with people.

[10:02] Listen as I discuss what I call the Bs of networking.

[11:09] I now share the four best practices I believe you need to be thinking about when networking in a hybrid world.

[11:15] #1 Have a plan.

[12:30] #2 Know thyself, your pitch needs to be rehearsed and practiced.

[14:57] #3 Shift your focus.

[16:59] #4 Set goals.

[19:00] Listen as I share some places I believe you should go to for networking.

[19:10] LinkedIn is my favorite tool for networking with people.

[20:38] Clubhouse is where I hang out every day.

[23:56] Eventbrite is another great tool.

[26:23] I share a few others that I’m hearing good things about.

[27:47] I hope you found this episode beneficial.


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