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Episode 82 Show Notes



The spaces we design and furnish directly impact the human experience. We bring spaces to life and are directly responsible for how people move and communicate in them. Listen as Kaelynn Reid shares her thoughts on Alternative Design and ways to make the industry better. 

Kaelynn is the host of the Alternative Design podcast and is the Regional Workplace Advisor at Kimball International. She started her podcast with the intention of having a creative outlet, but it has become so much more. 

As a designer turned brand ambassador she’s seen both sides of the office furniture industry and is uniquely equipped to help make it a better place overall. To go from design to sales was quite the jump, but she loves having conversations with people and finding ways to solve their pressing problems. 

With her podcast, Alternative Design, she takes those conversations further by addressing real concerns in the industry. From discussing the role of the customer in our businesses to developing cleaner manufacturing and building processes, she’s tackling the hard conversations.

Listen as she shares her story and her advice to others in the contract interiors industry. Once you’re done, head on over and check out season 1 of Alternative Design. Season 2 is coming soon! 


In this episode:

[02:22] Welcome to the show, Kaelynn!

[02:54] She shares how she got into the furniture industry.

[04:22] How what she does now compares to design.

[05:40] Her advice for anyone in design that might be thinking about going into sales.

[07:53] She talks about engaging sales people into a career in design.

[10:32] Sales are all about problem solving for the customer.

[12:55] Kaelynn discusses her podcast and how it all got started.

[16:29] “Podcasting is one of the spaces where there are no rules.”

[21:49] SNEAK PEEK: What is coming up on season 2 of the Alternative Design podcast?

[29:05] Kaelynn discusses how her illness was the catalyst for her push for a clean built environment.

[33:32] She wants to see clear transparency in the chemicals that make up the built products.

[36:20] “I feel like the biggest takeaway from this show is the power of conversation.”

[38:53] Connect with Kaelynn.


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