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Episode 84 Show Notes



Sharing our expertise with the next generation is extremely important. Paul Anderson has been training and supporting people in our industry for many years and finds it extremely fulfilling. Listen as he shares his thoughts on insight selling and how we can bring new talent to our industry. 

Paul started in the industry at HumanScale and moved to HighMark. It was at HighMark that he really found his passion for people development and company progression. He ended up at Applied Excellence and from there SalesPro University was born. 

His focus on training and learning is absolutely needed in our industry if we want to attract newer generations. In fact, Paul shares some staggering statistics regarding the mindset of millennials regarding training and support. 

When it comes down to it, our sales people need to become industry experts. They need to understand how their product fits into the overall scheme of function and design and to do this, they need to be trained. 

Listen in to hear all of Paul’s amazing insights regarding sales, marketing, training, and people development. You won’t want to miss out on this conversation. 


In this episode:

[02:09] Welcome to the show, Paul!

[02:20] He shares who he is and what he does.

[04:48] Listen as Paul talks about how he got into the furniture industry.

[07:27] He speaks about the creative ways he marketed a chair to stand out.

[09:22] He believes that you have to blend both marketing and sales.

[12:15] Paul talks about how important it is to reinforce your values, principles, and differentiation.

[14:06] A recent study shows that 65% of millennials believe learning is the key to success in their career.

[17:56] If you look at the trends of companies that are doing well, they make educating their employees a priority.

[20:54] Solution selling VS Insight Selling.

[25:37] Paul talks about why he got into training and educating people.

[27:25] He discusses some courses he offers and how many students they are training now.

[30:02] He shares three big topics that he educates people on.

[32:39] Learn more about the courses he teaches.

[33:49] Thank you for being on the show!


Links & Resources:

INDEAL University 

Reset: A Leader's Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval by Johnny C. Taylor

Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix


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