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Episode 85 Show Notes


With the holidays upon us and the start of a new year, many of us are likely feeling or facing burnout. We don’t have to succumb. The most important thing is to understand when we’ve reached burnout and figure out ways to avoid it. Listen in to learn more!

First of all, we need to know the stages of burnout. This is important because the sooner we can identify our burnout, the more likely we’ll be to avoid it all together. 

Stage 1: Enthusiasm

Stage 2: Stagnation

Stage 3: Frustration

Stage 4: Apathy

Stage 5: Intervention

If you’ve reached stage five, then it’s time to bring in helping hands. It’s likely however that if you’re in a place of burnout, you’re in one of the earlier stages. 

So what do you do when you realize you’ve started creeping toward true burnout? Here are my tips for avoiding burnout.

First, take a time out. Simply stepping away and re-energizing with a lost hobby or a different activity can sometimes be the ticket. Then find ways to adjust your mindset. Our mindset is usually the reason we’re in the deep, dark hole of burnout in the first place, so a realignment of sorts usually helps.

Then, find an accountability partner to help you talk through how you’re feeling and ways to avoid the pit. Next, journal. Seriously. Just writing things out will help you better understand your habits and how you got here in the first place. 

Surround yourself with successful people. The people in your life heavily influence your thoughts and behavior. This isn’t to say that successful people don’t get burned out, but they’re usually much better at recognizing it. 

Lastly, practice gratitude. This is a big one and it’s a practice that I am 100% behind. When you practice gratitude, you’re putting yourself in the mindframe of realizing the things, big and small, that you’ve been gifted with. This is a powerful way to switch your mindset and find healing.

How do you battle back the burnout? 


In this episode:

[02:23] I’m going to share my thoughts with you on how to avoid burnout.

[03:40] The first stage is when we are at our best, which is called enthusiasm.

[04:07] The next stage is called stagnation.

[04:43] The third stage is frustration.

[05:38] Apathy is the fourth stage of burnout.

[05:59] The fifth stage is intervention.

[07:03] Now let's discuss how you can avoid burnout.

[07:22] Tip #1 Take time out.

[08:17] Tip #2 Adjust your mindset.

[09:08] Tip #3 Find an accountability partner.

[09:46] Tip #4 Journal.

[10:11] Tip #5 Surround yourself with successful people.

[10:59] The final tip is to have and express gratitude.

[12:33] I have your back and don’t want anyone to experience burnout.


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