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Episode 87 Show Notes


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. In this day and age you have to meet your clients where they are. They don’t have time for 3-9wk proposal windows. They want to find answers right now. Aaron Harden of NexGen Workspace has created the perfect solution. Listen in to learn more about furniture as a service. 

Aaron heard what our clients were saying. The buying process is too slow and way too complicated. I mean think about it. Someone lands on your website, they’re interested in your product. What’s the next step? 

Too often the next step is providing you with their email information so that you can get back to them with additional questions.

Oftentimes your client knows what they want and what they need. They don’t need you to try and sell them on something else. Why make them sit through a sales call only to tell you that they need the one black chair with an order of 500 units? 

Listen as Aaron shares how NexGen Workspace is changing the entire infrastructure of the contract interiors industry. You won’t want to miss it. I even stop him several times in the interview just to make sure I understand him correctly.


Because what he’s saying is changing the landscape of furniture sales overall!


In this episode:

[02:06] Welcome to the show, Aaron!

[02:36] He shares what NexGen is about and what they do.

[04:10] He talks about the three brand promises they have.

[06:51] “Your clients today are on the internet.”

[08:30] Listen as Aaron discusses where the idea for NexGen came about.

[11:49] He shares how they are solving the client's problems by being flexible.

[13:46] He speaks about how their website works.

[16:49] Aaron talks about how fast his company talks to the client about delivery dates.

[18:59] NexGen is simplifying something that in the industry is usually very complex.

[21:53] The website at NexGen is ungated.

[24:14] NexGen is about education and every employee is tasked with bringing in content.

[25:57] I talk about the website.

[26:51] Aaron says that his experience has taught him that it’s important to sell solutions instead of brands.

[29:03] NexGen is a process that is going to disrupt the furniture industry.

[30:03] He shares what he sees in the future for NexGen.

[31:37] Thank you for being on the show!


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