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Episode 88 Show Notes


When you hear the word leather, what’s your first thought? For so many, the belief is that leather is a dying textile because it’s environmentally unsustainable and contributes to cruelty to animals. Simone and Keith of Green Hides join me to share about the innovative products they create and to clear up some misconceptions about the industry as a whole. 

First, let’s clear up some misconceptions.

Leather honors the life of an animal whose hide would otherwise be discarded. Collectively, the leather industry reduces landfill waste by 2.9 billion pounds annually by diverting a natural byproduct of the meat industry. 

Not only is leather a renewable resource, it also lasts longer than faux alternatives and needs to be replaced less often, further reducing waste over the lifetime of the material.

More importantly, Green Hides has created leather products that are able to be disinfected with chemical cleaners and retain their look. Keeping commercial spaces sanitized and clean has become more important than ever, and with their products, those spaces can still be luxurious. 

Listen in to hear the story behind Green Hides and why they work directly with the dealer community. This was a fascinating conversation from the first ever textile manufacturers that have ever been on the show. You won’t want to miss it!


In this episode:

[02:38] Welcome to the show, Keith and Simone!

[02:58] Keith shares what Green Hides is all about.

[03:47] Simone speaks about starting Green Hides and moving to the US from Italy.

[07:02] Keith talks about his background before working with Simone.

[09:58] They discuss the benefits of being in shared ownership with a tannery.

[13:30] Simone speaks about the trends in leather and how Green Hides is usually ahead of the design community.

[15:21] Keith discusses the types of leather they offer.

[17:43] They talk about aggressively getting involved with the dealer community.

[19:22] They discuss the top-secret bleach cleanable leathers they offer.

[24:38] Keith shares how many bleach-cleanable leathers they provide.

[30:04] Listen as they discuss the dealer community’s benefits by dealing directly with Green Hides.

[34:00] They talk about what they see coming in the future for textiles.

[38:01] 2.9 billion pounds of waste by-product is generated by the furniture industry.

[41:18] Thank you both for being on the show!


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