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Episode 90 Show Notes


As an industry, we need to start finding ways to attract new blood. Many of us fell into our careers by accident and some have come in through their parents. The journey of the second generation is one to watch so that we can figure out how to bring in the younger crowd. 

Trevor Bloch is one such second generation newcomer and he is making waves. His father has been in the industry for many years, and Trevor had no clue what he did. Prior to joining the contract interiors space, he was involved in sports and didn’t intend to work with his dad. 

He has become the face of INDEAL U and has worked hard to learn the industry inside and out. With INDEAL he is helping to develop training and overall support for all areas of contract interiors and to do that, he had to dive deep. 

It hasn’t been easy though. Inherent in being associated with someone so well known in the industry is the belief that he hasn’t had to work for the position he has. Trevor doesn’t let the negativity get him down though. Instead he faces it head on and just keeps doing the best work that he can.

Listen as he shares more of his story and why he’s so happy he’s decided to join the contract interiors industry. Also, get ready to hear more of his voice as Trevor will be taking over The Trend Report for the month of March! 

What are your thoughts on the 2nd generation? Are they the key to breathing new life into our industry? 


In this episode:

[02:36] Welcome to the show, Trevor!

[02:47] He shares his position with INDEAL.

[03:44] He speaks about his background and how he got into the industry.

[05:23] Listen as Trevor discusses the first things he did when he started with INDEAL.

[08:20] He shares his very first job with INDEAL.

[09:50] “I’ve watched Trevor over the years and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow.”

[11:22] He talks about the different things he hosts on INDEAL.

[15:17] He explains the live virtual sessions they have.

[17:17] Trevor shares what’s happening inside INDEAL U.

[19:27] He talks about what it’s like to work with his dad.

[21:22] How he made his place in the company and how he fought the stigma of being 2nd generation.

[24:29] Listen as Trevor gives some advice for a 2nd generation coming into the industry.

[26:28] Trevor is going to take over The Trend Report for the month of March and it will be called The Trevor Report.

[26:48] He shares what he plans on talking about in March.

[31:29] He talks about the future of the industry.

[34:48] Find out how to connect with Trevor.

[35:21] Thank you for listening!


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