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Episode 91 Show Notes


The Trend Report is no more! Just kidding. Trevor Bloch of INDEAL University is taking over for the month of March to bring a new perspective to the show and about the industry. He’s going to be chatting with second generation newcomers in various specialties of contract interiors. 

To start it all off, Trevor is chatting with Chelsea King of King Business Interiors. They’re a family and female owned and operated design firm changing the way we create spaces. They have an amazing live design process and Chelsea is sharing some of the key things you should note if you are looking to add live design to your own business. 

It’s amazing to hear Chelsea’s take on ways dealers can take advantage of the time that we’re in. In some areas of the world, it seems like things are still locked down tight, but in others things are back to “normal” but with a twist. 

There’s a definite focus on switching the 8 to 5 mindset for a productive and efficient one. Instead of creating spaces designed for maximum occupancy, we need to focus on crafting areas that people want to be in. 

Chelsea’s thoughts and insights are extremely interesting and I believe they speak to the new direction the world is going in as a whole. What do you think? Is there going to be a true “new normal” in the contract interiors industry? Or will we go back to pre-pandemic business as usual? 


In this episode:

[02:57] Welcome to the show, Chelsea!

[03:34] She shares her role at King Business Interiors.

[04:37] Listen as Chelsea discusses her journey in the industry.

[06:17] She shares her perspective of coming up as a 2nd generation in the industry.

[09:04] She gives some tips for others who are experimenting with live design.

[11:30] Chelsea talks about what she would encourage 2nd generations to get involved with when entering the industry.

[13:46] She discusses the inspirations and goals she has as a 2nd generation in contract furniture.

[16:19] She shares some of the biggest opportunities she sees for the industry in the future.

[19:10] She talks about opportunities for dealers in the industry as a whole.

[21:22] Chelsea speaks about the three top things she thinks new employees should surround themselves within the industry.

[28:02] “It’s easy to get stuck in your day-to-day.” 

[29:36] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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