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Episode 92 Show Notes


We’re back with another Trevor Report. Trevor planned to focus on second generation contract interiors employees, but his next guest recently found out that his lineage goes back even further. Liam Kirkbride is a fourth generation in the industry and has some amazing insights to share about the manufacturing side of the business. 

Liam recently joined the ranks of Davis Furniture after being involved in sales with other companies. Just days before he recorded this episode he found out from his father that both his grandfather and great grandfather were also involved in the industry. 

It gave him a deeper insight into his own childhood and spending time at events and for the industry. In fact, he’s pretty sure there are pictures of him running around at NeoCon when he was just a child there with his dad. 

He is extremely excited about the direction technology is going in the industry and has lots of ideas on how it can enhance the buyer and manufacturing experience even more. One of his favorite things about his roles is how creative he gets to be. 

For instance, as compared with the automotive industry which is also big in his area, he’s able to see a project through from start to finish. Rather than building the one car, you get to see how the design of a space impacts mood, emotion, productivity and more. 

Liam's thoughts on how to bring young people into the industry are spot on. We need to get out there and talk about the industry more. Start showing kids in high school and college why the contract interiors industry is the place to be. Listen in to hear all about his story and the direction he sees the industry going in the future.


In this episode:

[02:31] Welcome to the show, Liam!

[02:52] He shares his role with Davis Furniture.

[04:50] He discusses his journey and growing up in the industry as a 4th generation.

[08:36] Listen as he speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of being a 4th generation.

[10:39] He talks about what stands out in the industry.

[12:51] Liam shares what he loves about the industry.

[16:01] He discusses the huge opportunities he sees in the contract furniture industry.

[17:58] He speaks about some other technologies he believes could be beneficial to the industry.

[20:07] Liam talks about ways to bring younger individuals into the industry and how to keep them engaged.

[26:11] He shares his perspective on supply chain issues.

[29:19] Listen as Liam gives his ideas on ways to get younger people into the manufacturing side.

[33:25] He challenges leaders to go out and build trust with the younger generation and expose them to the industry.

[34:52] Thank you for being on the show!


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