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Episode 93 Show Notes


Trevor continues his takeover with a discussion about the sales and dealer community. Will Dvorak is a second generation industry employee who is making waves in his niche. Listen as he shares his thoughts and insights on the industry as a whole and how we can attract new blood. 

Will’s family owns Workscapes, but knew that it would be better for him to experience the industry outside of their business before coming back. He left to go work and sell in California and he did an amazing job. 

When they decided to open a new location in Tampa, he had a hard decision to make. Stay and keep making some amazing money, or come back and develop a whole new area of business for his family’s business. 

He decided to come back and he’s done an amazing job building out their business in Florida. 

One of the things that he’s adamant about in bringing the next generation into the industry is the use of technology. The current process is long and complicated for reasons that don’t make sense anymore. The next generation isn’t just going to come into the industry, they’re also going to become our buyers. 

They want a faster process!

Listen in to hear his thoughts and learn more about what he thinks it will take to make the industry more visible and desirable for the next generation. 


In this episode:

[02:11] Welcome to the show, Will!

[02:25] He shares who he is and what he does.

[08:43] He discusses joining the family business.

[11:25] Listen as Will shares some great opportunities he sees in the industry.

[14:09] His thoughts on why coming into this industry has so many possibilities and a message for new recruits.

[17:18] He speaks about some of the changes that are exciting.

[20:30] There are many people in the industry who are still doing things the way they did 15 years ago.

[22:18] He talks about the KISS method, keep it simple, stupid.

[24:57] Will shares his insights into starting out in the industry.

[27:26] The industry is very small and he says to never burn any bridges.

[29:40] His goals over the next 15 to 20 years.

[31:18] He shares a piece of advice for the listeners.

[33:20] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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