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Episode 94 Show Notes


Welcome back to the Trevor Report. This is the final installment of this podcast takeover and I hope you’ve taken away some fantastic insights about the next generation of the industry from our second, third, and fourth generation converts. 

This week Trevor is chatting with Justin Wendholt, owner and president of Stemle. Not only is he sharing how he came to acquire Stemle, he’s also providing fantastic insights into how he’s changing the company and impacting the industry. 

One of the most beneficial things about the contract interiors per Justin is the amazing breadth of opportunity to be had. No matter what specialty you’re in, there are so many avenues for growth, development, and advancement that it should be easy to bring a new generation in. 

But as we all know, that’s not been the case. 

It’s important that the industry continues to develop and change along with newfound sentiments. For instance, companies need to have a higher level of flexibility with their employees because of the focus on creating a better work/life balance. 

Listen in as Justin discusses the changes he’s seen, what we still need to work on, and his advice to anyone looking to join our industry. 

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In this episode:

[02:29] Welcome to the show, Justin!

[03:22] He shares his journey through the industry and how he got to where he is today.

[06:40] He talks about the challenges and opportunities he found being the owner of Stemle.

[08:58] Justin believes it’s smart to take things slow when making changes in an established company.

[10:36] The changes he’d like to see in the industry going forward.

[13:31] Hear his advice for anyone coming into the industry and some hiring practices he’s had success with.

[17:31] Why the opportunity for growth is one of the pros of the industry. 

[19:52] Ways he’s been able to generate visibility in the last few months.

[23:25] Trevor and Justin chat about the challenges of Zoom calls when working from home.

[25:15] How Justin explains what a rep group is to people who have no idea about the industry.

[27:48] Justin’s goals for the future.

[29:47] His last bit of advice for the listeners.

[32:56] Thank you for being on the show!


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