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Episode 96 Show Notes


When you’ve spent years in the industry, you get a handle on the ins and outs, good and bad, and figure out how we can make lasting and impactful changes in how we do business. But for many of us in the US, the status quo is perfectly fine. Not so for Jeff Thompson, which is why he’s ecstatic to introduce the US to Schiavello and all the ways they’re breaking the rules. 

Jeff, like many of us, fell into the furniture industry by accident… and then never left. He initially sold ad space for Apartment Guide and worked on selling ad space to CORT Furniture. This was back when they were renting furniture to Hermann Miller and other dealers who needed short-term solutions. 

He continued on his journey working with dealers, brands, and various product lines until he made his way to Schiavello. They are an Australian brand looking to go-to-market here in the United States and they enlisted his help to launch since he’s done it successfully for other brands. 

It’s interesting though. The owners and contributing principals of Schiavello did NOT want to change their way of doing business to fit the US model. They pride themselves on creating solutions specific to each customer. 

What’s the point of cookie cutter, one-size fits all solutions, when you can own the process from top to bottom each and every time? 

Listen as Jeff shares more about Schiavello, their goals here in the US, and why they have no intention of shifting their model to fit the US mold. They are truly breaking the rules and I’m excited to see how their philosophy, along with other changes in the industry, transforms the way we do business. 


In this episode:

[01:37] Welcome to the show, Jeff!

[02:21] Jeff shares his journey in the furniture industry.

[06:29] Who is Schiavello and what do they offer?

[09:24] The sales structure in Australia is completely different than in the US.

[11:00] He shares the sales strategy of Schiavello in the US.

[12:33] What makes Schiavello different?

[16:33] Ways Schiavello embraces what the customer wants.

[22:02] How Schiavello is going to disrupt the industry.

[24:44] I believe we as an industry don’t want to break the rules, but we should!

[25:52] Learn about the products they produce.

[28:49] Why Schiavello decided to bring their products to North America.

[31:03] Their go-to-market strategy.

[34:54] Jeff tells us why they don’t send Vegemite to their customers.

[36:38] Learn about the companies Schiavello owns and their Winery.

[38:27] Connect with Jeff.


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