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Episode 97 Show Notes


So often when a company talks about the good deeds they’re doing in the world, the goal is to boost their marketing efforts and expand their bottom line. It’s a gimmick. This is not the case at Special-T. Listen as Brandon Rayburn, the new president of Special-T, shares all about the little table company with a BIG mission. 

Early on in his life Brandon found himself traveling down a dark and scary path. He was abusing alcohol and drugs and he was spiraling down a path of no return. Finally his wife told him that he needed to clean up his act or he needed to leave. 

It was her acknowledgement of his problems that made him realize how far he’d fallen. He found an in-person rehab facility and program called No Longer Bound and committed 12 months of his life to finding his way back from his addictions so he could be the husband and father he needed to be. 

Before he’d even left the program, the then president of Special-T came on property and offered him a job at the company. He started in the warehouse making tables and eventually moved up through design, into sales and marketing, then into dealer relationships. Now he’s the president of the company. 

Without Special-T’s commitment to helping rebuild the lives of men who are finding their way out of addiction, Brandon would not be where he is today. Neither would the hundreds of men who have benefitted from their work recovery program. 

When he talks about being a mission-based company, he means it. 

Listen in to hear all about his story and how Special-T has made waves in their community and in our industry. These are the stories I love to highlight because we should all be looking for ways to reach back and pull up the person behind us. Special-T delivers on that mission!


In this episode:

[02:05] Brandon Rayburn talks a little about Special T and the work he does there.

[03:57] Learn about the mission behind the company.

[07:26] Listen as Brandon shares the biggest benefits of working with independent reps.

[11:13] Brandon shares the story behind his introduction to the industry and Special-T.

[15:31] “Acknowledging that you need help is the hardest first step anyone makes.”

[19:32] He realized that his way ended up in a 12 month rehab so he started listening to other people and allowed himself to accept help.

[22:25] Learn about the culture they’ve built at Special-T.

[24:38] Over 100 people have gone through the recovery program that Special-T offers.

[27:18] What’s coming up in Special-T’s future? 

[30:12] Brandon’s final thoughts for the listeners.

[33:13] Connect with Brandon.


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