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Episode 98 Show Notes


Data is king. Being able to make better data driven decisions both in purchasing and in design is unbelievably important. Brian Chiou of Hello Raye realized this while purchasing his own office furniture. He soon noticed a gap in the office furniture market and is working to fill it. 

Brian has not been in the office furniture space for long, but he’s bringing fresh ideas and eyes to an area that is desperately needed. 

Have you ever simply Googled “office furniture”? The first two pages that pop up are all ads because that term is a massive keyword. That’s not particularly helpful for the person looking to purchase office furniture. Nor does it help designers who are trying to find inspiration for new spaces. 

Hello Raye helps bring together furniture manufacturers with designers with an easy to use platform that marries the ideas of Google and Pinterest. Listen as Brian shares his story and what’s gone into creating and growing the Hello Raye platform. 

This platform is going to change the way we do business and foster relationships. You’ll want to listen in and learn more.


In this episode:

[01:50] Welcome to the show, Brian Chiou!

[02:22] He shares his journey in the furniture industry.

[04:43] Brian talks about how he came up with the idea for a tech startup in the industry.

[07:39] He gives an overview of what Hello Raye is.

[09:11] He talks about the search and data pieces of Hello Raye.

[10:57] He discusses why data is so important to the furniture and design industry.

[13:15] With Hello Raye you get a dashboard of opportunity.

[14:24] Brian speaks about what they do with the lead that is generated by the Hello Raye App.

[16:42] 11,000 interior designers currently use this platform.

[20:02] He shares how INDEAL is partnering with him to bring business into the industry.

[24:40] Hello Raye is giving the industry a tool that makes everyone more efficient.

[25:34] Brian shares his story and what he’s about.

[29:13] He talks about what made him decide to become an entrepreneur.

[33:08] Find out how to connect with Brian.

[33:41] Thank you for being on the show!


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