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Episode 99 Show Notes


The greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, and your friends is your undivided attention. Being present is harder than ever, but so important. Listen as I share my thoughts about why being present is so important and how your brain actually processes all those tasks you’re working on.

Being present is NOT simply being in the room with people around you. It’s not existing in the same space as others. It’s not working on multiple projects at the same time while trying to stay in contact through email, Voxer, Marco Polo, and more. 

Your brain was not designed to multi-task. It’s literally an impossible feat for your brain to try and do two things at once. Your brain is a linear processing unit and when you switch from task to task to task, you’re not only NOT doing multiple things at once, you’re also wasting time as your brain tries to remember next steps. 

To be our best and to perform our best, we have to give ourselves and others the gift of being present. Choosing to be actively present results in improved social skills, creativity, problem solving skills, and more. Plus you complete tasks faster and get projects done faster. 

Listen as I share four tips for creating the space you need to be actively present in all the areas in your life. It really is so important to be fully and actively present. It’s the greatest gift you can give!

As Leo Tolstoy once said, “There is only one time that is important — NOW! It’s the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power!


In this episode:

[01:59] We are discussing the gift of presence.

[02:51] Examples of what being present is not.

[05:40] For most people email is a distraction.

[07:08] Most people won’t admit that small distractions cost them time and money every day.

[09:36] Improved social skills, creativity and better problem solving are benefits of being present.

[10:37] Listen as I share some tips on ways to stay present and focused.

[14:16] Be sure that you are giving the people around you the gift of being present.

[14:52] Thank you for listening! 


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