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Bonus Live Episode Show Notes


It’s time to break out of our cocoons and start getting back together. Rob Kirkbride and John Strassner have gotten together to organize the Spring Breakout Roadshow 2021 and they’re joining me on this special bonus episode to share all about it. 


What is Spring Breakout? 


Essentially this is a roadshow designed to help you and your clients actually see products in real life. We’re going to have learning opportunities, ways to gather and connect, and best of all product demonstrations and booths. 


The roadshow will be traveling to eight locations in all and we are so excited to see you! Listen in to hear more about the dates, each location, and what you can expect to find at each stop. 


We’re also taking on sponsors to help keep this show on the road through the whole event. If you’d like to participate and sponsor either the happy hour, the vendor booths, the travel, and more, listen in and reach out!


Check out the dates below: 


May 11th - Dallas, TX

May 14th - Atlanta, GA

May 17th - Charlotte, NC

May 19th - Baltimore, MD

May 21st - Philadelphia, PA

May 24th - Pittsburg, PA

May 26th - Columbus, OH

June 2nd - Chicago, IL


If you’re in any of these areas then go to to learn more and register to attend.


In this episode: 

[02:01] The Trend Report was live on LinkedIn chatting all about Spring Breakout. 

[02:58] Learn more about Rob Kirkbride and John Strassner the organizers of this event. 

[03:30] What is Spring Breakout? 

[05:07] John shares why ASID decided to get involved with this event. 

[06:43] Why is the Spring Breakout important? 

[08:03] Health is a top priority. 

[09:56] Disclosing your vaccination status is not required but it will make a difference on capacity. Learn more!

[10:46] Rob shares the rest of the locations that we’ll be stopping at. 

[13:18] A quick recap of dates and locations. 

[14:12] Learn who will be there exhibiting their products. 

[17:26] Who is this event for? 

[18:49] John shares who would benefit from this event. 

[21:02] The event is open to anyone who is willing to attend. 

[22:11] What to expect at the Spring Breakout events. 

[24:34] How you can help sponsor the event. 

[26:52] Final thoughts on the event and why you should be there!


Links and Resources: 

Spring Breakout

Spring Breakout on LinkedIn

Spring Breakout on Instagram

Flock Freight


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