Business strategy is... 


Adding an objective strategist and advisor to small to mid-sized business leaders' teams, assisting them with business issues and growth strategies. 

To put it simply: developing a business strategy with us let’s figure out what’s next for your business together.






Business strategy is...


Providing a sounding board in all areas of business:

  • Direction
    • Determining future plans and growth strategy for your company 
  • New ideas
    • Brainstorming creative niche markets and innovative, audience-specific product applications 
  • Pivots
    • Finding and developing new business in a post-COVID world
  • Sales
    • Selling to your clients’ needs and teaching your team to serve your customers well 
  • Employee issues 
    • Helping plant the seeds of team camaraderie, solving management style disagreements, and teaching employees strong communication skills 

The #1 struggle for today's business leaders: 

Finding & developing new business in a post COVID world.

Your mindset & position after business strategy development: 

"My pipeline is FULL, and I’m growing and winning more business every day!

I’m connecting with influencers, they are engaging with me, and the state of the economy, nor the pandemic, will stop me as I continue to grow my business."

The #2 biggest hurdle for business leaders: 

No clear strategy, especially in uncertain, rapidly changing times.

Your mindset after business strategy development: 

"I know what I need to do and how to do it! I have a trusted partner to advise and help me along my journey, and we are going to have the success that I know we deserve. I am CONFIDENT in our direction!"

We provide our clients access to knowledge, experience, and strategy with a unique understanding of the market. Part of business strategy development starts off with a lot of hard questions, challenging business owners and leaders in new, uncomfortable ways.


The objective here is to allow you as a business leader to see various sides of the issue, idea, or challenge you’re facing in such a way that helps you make thoughtful, confident decisions. 

Eliminating biases and developing leadership thought patterns helps business owners  problem solve quickly and wisely.

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