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“Sid speaks on great topics with a wealth of helpful information. The new strategies he presents are always worth a try.” 

— Demmie Dunaway

Trend Report Podcast listener + reviewer 

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A dynamic, passionate, and engaged speaker, Sid delivers an educational and inspirational talks on a variety of subjects ranging from professional development to sales and much more.


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Certified High Performance Coach

Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Professional Coach, & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner 

Top-Rated Podcast Host (x2) 

And an avid podcast listener and book reader/listener 


Multi-business owner & consultant / board member for dozens of clients' business development teams 

Contract Interiors Master

30+ years experience in commercial furniture from sales, to marketing, and leadership

Engaging Sales Trainer

An expert in moving people into action, problem solving, and building team cohesion

Marketing Junkie & Researcher 

Regularly studying up on the latest marketing tips and strategizing with customers

Expert Keynote Speaker

And highly requested as  return-speaker 

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