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The Contract Interiors Club on Clubhouse is for those that provide products and services for the built environment!  From architecture to carpet to furniture, all are welcome!

We have real, informative and inspiring conversations about what's happening in our industry!  Topics we discuss include sales, marketing, trends, workplace, social media, strategies and much more!  

We provide a place for our community to come together, connect, network, learn and grow by supporting and encouraging each other!

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Our Weekly Schedule 

Monday's @ 4:00 PM CDT

The Question of the Day!  

 Join us for our weekly networking event and answer the question of the day!!  Every Monday at 4:00 PM Central!  Come meet new people, engage in the "Question of the day", connect, share thoughts, ideas and get support when you need it!   


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Tuesday, April 21th @ 4:00 PM CDT Guest Speaker Series

with Nick Capozzi   

Nick is a leading video content creator on LinkedIn and other platforms.  Come joinin the conversation and he shares why you need a video strategy!  


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Every other Wednesday @ 12:00 PM Central with Michelle & Friends

Selling to the public sector is not hard, you just need to understand how to make it successful.  Join Michelle & Friends as they explore this and other relevant topic to help you have a winning government strategy!


April 28th Link Coming Soon

Thursday's @ 4:00 PM CDT Conversations about The Future of Sales in our industry!   

Sales in our industry is changing and we must change and adapt as well!  Each week, we'll have a conversation on a new topic or issues that is important to helping you success in sales!  


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Friday's @ 11:00 AM CDT Rep Life:  How to Hustle Smarter

Being a rep in our industry can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but it also has challenges!  Join Sarah each week as she shares insights, tips, tricks and more to hustle smarter! 



Coming Soon!

Our Clubhouse Moderators 

Sid Meadows  


Founder and Principal of Embark CCT, Sid is been in the industry for over 25 years and has held positions at both dealers and manufacturers in sales and sales leadership.  


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Michelle Warren   


President of Catalyst Consulting, Michelle is an industry veteran that has worked in a variety of roles including dealer sales, manufacturing sales and leadership.


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Sarah McNally  


Sarah's background in Interior Design and experience as an industry rep in a variety of roles, gives her amazing insights on on what it takes to be successful in our industry.


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Alex Mavrogordato 


As the Director of Sales for BRC Group in the Southeast, Alex has been involved in our industry for many years in a variety of roles at various organizations.  


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