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Episode 55 Show Notes



It’s time for all aspects of the furniture industry to move into the technological future. Making that easier is Matthew Danyliw of Avanto. He joins me to chat about his backend business solutions that help support front end management and growth. Listen in to learn all about Avanto and why they may be just the change your business needs to move forward in the industry. 


Believe it or not, your business is not 100% unique. Avanto has already built out systems and processes that will help your customers see a dramatic change in their experience. More importantly, your staff and management will become significantly easier as fewer steps get dropped. 


His goal is to help you, your staff, and your business adapt and thrive in a new technologically diverse environment. That doesn’t necessarily mean setting you up with completely new systems. It means changing your processes to more efficiently use the systems you already have. 


Listen as Matt shares his insights into the industry and why he’s so passionate about bringing backend solutions to the industry as a whole. We also discuss how remote work is changing the industry and what it means to be a part of a fractional c-suite. You really won’t want to miss this!


In this episode: 

[02:49] Welcome to the show, Matt!

[03:15] Matt shares what Avanto does and how they are bringing the industry out of the 80s and 90s.

[04:17] Learn about the tools the industry uses that are from past decades.

[07:03] Listen as Matt talks about when he got started with Avanto.

[07:53] Who Avanto’s customers are.

[10:15] What services Avanto offers to the industry.

[13:30] They help with front of the house issues as well.

[16:38] Enhancing the customer experience is important now.

[18:41] Why he started this business in our industry.

[23:43] More about the trend that is happening with remote workers.

[25:52] Matt explains what he means by being a fractional CFO.

[29:34] Part of Avanto’s go-to-market is bringing in industry experts to businesses that need them.

[33:04] Matt chats about his partnership with INDEAL and how it’s benefiting the industry.

[35:53] What keeps people from wanting to move forward in their businesses.

[37:38] Avanto tries to make updating easier and the first thing you can do is just start.

[39:42] Thank you for being on the show!


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