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Episode 57 Show Notes



Color is extremely important in our perception and understanding of the world. It changes our moods, it evokes emotion, and it helps solidify memory. Listen as Laura Guido-Clark chats about the power of color in the world and in the furniture industry. 


Laura is a designer by trade, but she fell in love with the study of color. She now designs her own textiles and helps her customers solidify their brand feel through the texture and color of her custom creations.


The way she thinks about color and its impact on the emotional process of experience is truly unique. We chat about why we pick certain colors as our favorites over time and how we associate our memories with colors as a whole. 


Beauty, as an experience, is a human right, and the colors that the world has to offer are a pure delight. Listen as she shares her story and how she’s turned her passion for color into a profitable business within our industry. 


In this episode: 

[02:41] Welcome to the show, Laura!

[03:26] Laura shares that her world revolves around the power of color.

[04:07] What she means by the ‘humanity of color’.

[04:45] Listen as Laura discusses how she got involved with a career that focuses on color.

[05:52] She is also a designer and has designed her own collection of textiles.

[06:50] How you can express color in your vocabulary.

[09:27] Why you pick a certain color as your favorite.

[12:16] What it’s like to design textiles and leathers.

[15:15] Laura believes that beauty is a human right.

[18:25] She has been in business for over 25 years but her new venture, Love Good Color was started about three years ago.

[20:11] Laura speaks about her non-profit, Project Color Corp and what it does.

[23:33] When working with children, the word they always use is happy, they all want to feel happy.

[26:33] Listen as Laura talks about how you can get involved with her organization and their color revolution.

[29:46] Laura shares that she is doing what she really loves and the joy and satisfaction that brings her.

[31:55] Color is energy.

[34:32] Thank you for being on the show!


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