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Episode 67 Show Notes



Alexandra Tseffos has spent the majority of her career focused on design. After experiencing life on the other side of the table, she realized that in order to succeed in today’s market, companies need to bring design and sales together. Listen as we chat about this dynamic and more. 


She first spent several years with various companies as a designer. Then CBRE created a new role with her in mind and with a focus on bringing design conversations into the saleroom. To say that this experience was eye opening is an understatement. 


Alexandra gained a new appreciation for how difficult it is for sales to close deals and fully believes that designers need to play a greater role in the sales conversation. 


She has now built two separate businesses to help the industry in multiple ways. With Silent T Consulting, she helps furniture dealers and brokers to better understand how they can implement and fully incorporate CET Designers into their companies.


At Design POP she’s supporting designers with content and information provided by experts in the industry. She is truly becoming a thought-leader in our industry and her contributions are huge. Listen in to learn more. 


In this episode: 

[02:30] Welcome to the show, Alexandra!

[02:51] She shares her background and what she is doing now.

[06:10] Listen as she talks about what she hopes to accomplish with her business Silent T Consulting.

[07:16] Alexandra explains what CET is and what it replaces.

[11:00] She discusses bridging the gap between design and sales and breaking down the silos.

[13:44] She speaks about the strengths and roles a designer brings to the sales process.

[16:26] Alexandra defines what a live design is.

[21:53] She shares the number of consultants in the industry.

[25:01] Listen as she talks about her second business, The Design POP. 

[29:07] Alexandra speaks CET Path, a learning path she has developed.

[32:39] I discuss the importance of YouTube and social media when searching for information.

[38:08] She hopes other manufacturers realize that saving designers time saves money.

[40:06] Alexandra believes that the human element and transparency are so important.

[42:40] People come to you for the human connection.

[44:32] Thank you for being on the show!


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