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Episode 78 Show Notes



Three H has not always been owned by Chris Binnendyk. He purchased Three H in the middle of a pandemic, and he is so happy that he did. Listen as Chris shares his story, how Three H is making waves in his community, and what he’s looking forward to moving into 2022. 

Chris has been in the industry for over 23 years at this point. As is the case with most of us, he started in it when he was younger and got hooked. One concern he has, which is also a concern for me, is that we don’t have enough young people seeking work in our industry. 

We both agree, we need to start expending more effort on recruiting new faces which is why I let him know more about Dovetail and everything we’re doing to bring new blood in. 

For Chris, this industry has always been about community. Three H is a huge asset in his community and provides for many families. His goal has always been to be able to better support those around him and Three H is giving him the opportunity to do that. 

Our industry is facing so many challenges right now. Listen as Chris shares his thoughts on how he’s addressing them and what we can do to thrive in the future. He’s also giving us some insights into his new product, Hook Up. 

This was an amazing conversation that you certainly won’t want to miss! Listen in to learn more.


In this episode:

[02:23] Welcome to the show, Chris!

[03:13] He shares his background with Three H Furniture and how he got involved in the furniture industry.

[06:04] Listen as Chris talks about why he bought a company during a pandemic.

[08:38] He discusses what Three H does and what sets them apart in the industry.

[10:21] He shares his views on the importance of great customer service.

[13:53] He describes where Three H is located in Northern Toronto.

[15:45] Chris talks about being one of the largest employers in a small community and the impact it has on the company.

[19:21] He discusses opening a new showroom in Toronto.

[21:05] We chat about NEOCon and the turnout this year.

[24:07] Chris talks about their new product called Hook Up.

[26:20] He shares some challenges he sees the industry facing right now.

[28:30] We discuss the companies and career opportunities in the industry.

[31:33] “I believe now is a major opportunity for transformation in our industry.”

[35:00] Chris shares some final thoughts with the listeners.

[36:18] Connect with Chris.


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