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Episode 83 Show Notes



When you’re not happy with what you’re doing but you love the industry, you create the change you want to see. Byron Leclair was freelancing as a designer with manufacturing experience and realized that he could do better. From his desire to impact the industry in new ways came fluidconcepts. 

His love of European design has informed the products the company produces. He is also committed to reducing the overall waste created by the company and reuses and recycles many of the products. 

The business has not been unaffected by Covid. The pandemic certainly threw a wrench in some of their big plans for the last few months, but the experience has also provided him with unmatched insights on his company. 

Byron shares his thoughts on the ways the industry needs to change today, how we can appeal to the younger generation, and why a focus on the environment and innovative design is so important. This was truly an amazing conversation that you won’t want to miss. 

Are you a manufacturing nerd like me? The whole first part of this interview is just for you!


In this episode:

[02:16] Welcome to the show, Byron!

[03:57] He shares what pushed him to start his company fluidconcepts.

[05:47] Listen as he discusses the products his company manufactures.

[07:49] He talks about the products that are the core of the business.

[09:57] Why he believes European designs are so popular in the US.

[13:55] Byron shares how they talk to the customer about customization and why it usually costs more.

[17:55] What differentiates fluidconcepts from other companies and their value add?

[19:36] How the last 20 months have affected his company and the industry as a whole.

[22:33] Three things that he has learned as a leader from the pandemic.

[25:49] Learn his company's core values.

[26:21] I share a bit about Ernest Shackleton, an explorer that died in 1922.

[29:06] How the hybrid work model impacts the furniture industry.

[33:30] Bryon discusses what he would say to encourage young people to come into the furniture industry.

[36:34] Thank you for joining me for this last CEO Chat series of 2021.


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