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Episode 89 Show Notes


You might not think personal branding, yoga, and the contract interiors space go together, but Danika Leeks approaches our industry in a very unique way. Listen as we chat about her career and why her personal brand has made all the difference in the world for her growth and longevity. 

Danika, like most of us, fell into this industry by accident, but she’s loved it from day one. When she was finally given the chance to sell, everything just got better. She’s now a multi-line rep who is well known throughout the industry as a whole due to her amazing personality and her signature color. 

And that recognition isn’t a fluke. Danika has spent years developing relationships with people in all areas of our industry and as she’s done it, she’s represented herself in the same way. 

Designers even send her pictures when they find yellow furniture because when they see that color, they immediately think of Danika. 

She has cultivated her personal brand to be a true representation of her personality, style, and values and people love her for it. She lives to love on those in her sphere which is why she now offers yoga sessions for people in the industry as well. 

Who needs a stuffy lunch and learn when you can have a yoga session instead? 

Danika is full of amazing advice and insights into the industry. You won’t want to miss out on this conversation. Especially as we discuss ways we can diversify our industry and why it’s up to all of us to bring the next generation into the fold.


In this episode:

[02:22] Welcome to the show, Danika!

[02:33] She shares who she is and what she does.

[03:45] Listen as Danika discusses how she got into the industry.

[09:12] She talks about why there are so few minorities in their industry.

[11:50] I share my first experience working with a designer.

[13:11] “When you design a space you are affecting someone’s life.”

[15:32] Danika discusses what she’s doing to keep connected with people in all areas of the furniture industry.

[18:51] She speaks about staying top of mind so that when someone needs furniture she is the first call.

[20:17] She shares about an ashram she loves to go to in the Bahamas.

[22:06] She talks about teaching virtual yoga twice a month to designers and others.

[23:00] Danika discusses how she implements education about her products through her yoga.

[25:32] “At the end of the day, people do business with people.”

[28:04] She speaks about what she thinks the industry will look like going forward.

[31:49] Listen as Danika shares some final words with the listeners.

[33:18] Thank you for being on the show!


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