What is high performance coaching?

The High Performance Coaching program is scientifically grounded in neuroscience and human behavior.

Its character-building sessions focus in on one aspect of high performance each week.  Training participants are challenged and encouraged to put their learning, knowledge and skills into practice in their own day-to-day lives.


Individual & Group Programs Available

We offer HPC for both individuals and groups.  Session are 1 hour each week and are conducted virtually,  They include thew tools and resources to help you grow and develop not only during the program, but after as well.

  • Individual Program is 12 weeks
  • Group Program is 6 weeks

High performance is a journey that provides clear outcomes focused on the future, while challenging you to grow and develop mastery in the areas of psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, presence and purpose. 

What happens in coaching?

As Coach Sid leads you through the weekly sessions, you will be challenged to think in new ways, focus on your future, and take steps to achieve your highest potential.

Sid’s goal is to equip you to succeed beyond the norm of your typical results and bounds of your life experience. His direction during weekly sessions and regular follow-ups are designed to help you continuously grow and succeed.


Download the 10-minute brain teaser below to get a feel for some of the ideas you might encounter in high performance coaching.

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As a high performer, here’s what you get:

A High Performance Workbook 

Stay focused through each training session and plan specific actions to keep you on track with your career and life goals, both big and small. 

Structure + Accountability 

Through each coaching session and workbook deep dive, you will cultivate habits, develop self-generated motivation, and instill daily structure in your approach to work and life.  

These habits will stick with you long after you graduate from the high performance program — which is what makes this an award-winning coaching program. 

Online Resource Library

Each training session is recorded on video, so you can go back and look at your online account at any time to reference our sessions, download handouts, and access other tools and resources for high performance.

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