Previous Season Episodes

These episodes of the Trend Report were recorded and published in 2020 and 2021. 

The earliest episodes 

Episode 20:  CEO Chat with Rich Arnold of Broadview Product Development on the Impact of Outsourcing!

Today's episode is another installment of our CEO Chat Series!  I'm excited to welcome Rick Arnold, the CEO of Broadview Product Development to the podcast!  During our conversation, Rick shares his perspective of being in our industry, but behind the curtin, as well as thoughts on innovation, leading a company during this time and how to creating diversity is allowing them grow and thrive.

Episode 19: Revolutionizing the Health and Well Being of Employees, The Story of INDEAL Cares with founder, Dave Bloch

Connecting our community in a powerful way, by creating an organization that allows us to give back - that's INDEAL Cares!  In today's episode, Dave Bloch, the founder of INDEAL Cares shares who they are, what they are doing and why this is an important initiative for our industry to get behind!

Episode 18:  Overcoming Challenges and Thriving with Tabatha Utley & Meredith Hesby with Shaw Contract

Facing a host of challenges at the beginning of March 2020, my guest today, Tabatha and Meredith figured out what they needed to do to not only succeed but to thrive!  Today's episode is exciting and fun, but it's also packed with amazing value on how you can overcome the challenges that are put in front of you and thrive.

Episode 17: Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is something that all of us can experience, especially now.  In today's episode, I share with you the 5 types of burnout and 5 ways you can move through this and thrive!

Episode 16:  Organizational Behavior in the Workplace with Dr. Demetria Henderson  

Today's episode is a great conversation with my friend and fellow coach, Dr. Demetria Henderson!  In this conversation, Dr, Dee shares her story of how she went from the corporate world to becoming a professor then a Certified Professional Coach - and it's a really amazing story!  We also talk about importance of organizational behavior in the work place and how her coaching practice focuses on those in the "marginalized population" can discover where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

Episode 15: A Timely Interview with Bryan Lake

Today's episode is a replay of an interview I did with Bryan Lake of the Bridger Group.  This interview was conducted prior to the rebranding of their organization from Sales Consultants of Grand Rapids to the Bridger Group.  The information and tips Bryan shares in this interview are important and relevant to anyone that is currently in the job market - and give the rising number of people looking for work, I felt this was an important interview to share with you.

Episode 14:  Networking the New Way 

In this episode I share my thoughts on networking the new way!  The digital way.  In addition, I've got a few tips to help you increase your engagement and make a powerful impact on others!  And - I'm making a big announcement at the end!  

Episode 13: Research, Predictions, Data and The Next Normal with Amanda Schneider  

Today's episode is a powerful discussion with Amanda Schneider, the President of ThinkLab - an industry leading research firm helping leads make informed strategic decision in their business.  

Episode 12:  The Impact of Technology with Vanessa DeKoekkoek of 2020 Spaces! 

In this episode, Vanessa and I chat about her journey to become the Global Training Manager at 2020, how technology has impacted our industry and a few new things on the horizon.  

Episode 11: Enneagrams and Business with Laura Boone of TurnerBoone  

Enneagrams and Business?  Absoutley YES!  In this episode, Laura Boone shares her knowledge and experience with Enneagrams and how implementing this in her business help lead them to amazing growth!

Episode 9:  CEO Chat with Ozzie Nelson of Nelson Worldwide  

The third episode in our "CEO Chat" series!  In this conversation with Ozzie Nelson the CEO of Nelson Worldwide, Ozzie shares his story, his determination and the creativity it took to grow his father's small A&D firm to become one of the Top 10 A&D Firms in the US.   

Episode 8:  The impact of design on Company Culture with Joel Ratekin

Today's episode is a conversation with Joel Ratekin, a Workplace Strategy Leader at TD Ameritrade!  During this interview, Joel and I discuss the impact of design on company culture, which then lead to a review of how he is leading the return to work journey for TD Ameritrade and their employees!  

Episode 7:  CEO Chat with Bryce Stuckenschneider of Loftwall  

The second episode in our "CEO Chat" series!  In this conversation with Bryce Stuckenschneider, the CEO of Loftwall, we talked a little about his journey, what's happening in the workplace, the future of the workplace and what it's like to pivot and launch a lot of new products in a short time frame.  This episode is packed with energy and good conversations!  

Episode 6:  CEO Chat with Chris Evanstad with Nevers Industries

This episode is the first installment in a new series called "CEO Chat".  I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Chris Evanstand the CEO of Nevers Industries to talk about the industry, their growth and the future of the workplace!  

Episode 5:  The Power of Video with Luke Asper 

In this episode, I sit down with Luke Asper of Asper Studio and talk about the trend of using video to develop and grow your personal brand as well as your business! Luke provide a ton of information on how to use video, as well as some tips and tricks to make your videos powerful and successful!

Episode 4:  The Art of Conversation with Joe Stradinger

Today's episode was an unplanned, unscripted and an off the cuff conversation with my long time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Joe Stradinger.  Joe and I have a conversation about the "art of conversation", the impact of COVID19 and our mutual passion to help people!

Episode 3:  Dealing with Loss with Melanie Johnson, a licensed Therapist

We are all dealing with loss in one form or another - right now!  Though it may seem taboo to talk about loss on a business related podcast, but the reality is, that each of us is experiencing some form of loss related to our family, friends and our business, due to the COVID-19 virus that is sweeping the country.  Melanie and I had a great discussion about identifying loss and the steps you can take to overcome it! 

Episode 2:  Leading In a Crisis

In this episode I had the pleasure to interview my friend, colleague and fellow coach, April Hamilton, who is a leadership expert and coach, on how to lead your team, company and family through the current crisis. 

Meet April

Episode 1:  Tracking Trends in the Contract Interiors Industry

Welcome to the Trend Report Podcast!  We are really excited to share this with the Contract Interiors Community!  This is our 1st episode and we can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!  

So buckle up friends - this is going to be a great ride!