A New Business Development Strategy

business of furniture May 12, 2021

A New Business Development Strategy

Almost every day, business leaders and salespeople ask me about new, creative ways to find leads, develop opportunities, and build relationships with potential clients. Now more than ever, it can be challenging to reach prospects, especially since most of them are still working from home.

However, business is happening and companies are making decisions about office space, furniture, and making plans for their employees to return to the office. As we’ve all experienced, traditional methods of outreach and networking are not as easy in a virtual world. I’ve written a lot about social selling and things you can do using LinkedIn and other on-line tools, and I hope you are implementing some of these strategies and seeing good results.

But today, I want to share with you how I respond to the question about new leads and why you need to embrace new strategies for today’s market. My answer is one word — Clubhouse! Yes, you need to be on Clubhouse! Now, before you roll your eyes at me and flip to the next page, let me tell you why... You need to be on Clubhouse, because your customers are on Clubhouse!  

Yes, your customers are on Clubhouse — at least some of them. This emerging platform is still in beta and only available to iPhone users at the moment, but every day, more and more people are joining the conversation. And that’s exactly what Clubhouse kick starts — a conversation. If you want to learn all the features of this app, just google it and you’ll find dozens upon dozens of articles, YouTube videos, and more explaining how it works.  Here, today, we’re going to talk about how to use it to discover new customers.  

First, you have to have a strategy! Don’t treat this like you do other social media channels, because it’s more than your typical social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This platform allows you to join in the conversation and make meaningful long-lasting connections. I’ve met people from around the world that have all had a positive impact in my life and career!  It’s led me to be on multiple podcasts and live stream shows. I’ve been able to share my experience and my voice, literally with the world.  

Last week, I recorded a podcast with someone in Australia, where we talked about my journey as an entrepreneur and what it’s like running a small business. I was also recently interviewed about social selling for a television show that runs on BrightTALK, a Roku TV Channel. All of these opportunities happened because I have a strategy in Clubhouse — and you need one too!

My strategy is simple: Learn, Grow, Connect, Contribute, Lead.


Learn as much as possible on the topics that interest me or that I want to know more about. For example, every weekday morning, I join the Real Talk Podcasting’s Morning Chat. What I’ve learned about podcasting from this amazing group would take a full column. But more importantly, I’ve made connections, built relationships, and friendships in this new morning ritual that will last for a long time.


Clubhouse is a key part of my personal and professional growth strategy as a direct result of what I’m learning on the platform. Another place I visit on a regular basis is The LinkedIn Club. The club meets every day, and the leaders of this group have helped me improve my LinkedIn presence, grow my connections and followings, all by sharing their insights as LinkedIn trainers — all because they want to help others.  


The opportunities to connect in Clubhouse are off the charts! Why? Because it’s interactive, not static like other platforms. You actually get to have a conversation with others, not just share a post, picture, or your favorite quote. These connections have led to off-platform Zoom chats, that have led to collaborations that have generated revenue and profits for my business.


We all have something to contribute, every one of us! Whether it’s your knowledge of a specific topic, your expertise as a salesperson, or your experience as a business owner — you have something to contribute to the conversation. For me, I share my thoughts on a variety of topics and contribute regularly, when I see something I know a thing or two about. I’m engaged in the platform and share my voice, and you should too. Clubhouse has provided multiple opportunities for me to co-moderate rooms, be an invited speaker at an event, and participate in panel discussions on important topics. All leading to more referrals for my business!


Not only do I lead conversations with others about a variety of topics, I formed the Contract Interiors Club on Clubhouse to bring our community together to share insights, information, and education on multiple topics in our industry. I’m leading this to help you! To help you with new ideas, strategies, and more. As an industry, we need to have more conversations and Clubhouse provides a unique way for this to occur! I’ve had multiple experts and leaders join me and share their thoughts as well, including Rob Kirbride, Amanda Schneider, Kay Sargent, and Regan Donoghue to name a few — and we have more planned in the future.  

The bottom line is — you need to be on Clubhouse meeting people, and you need a strategy to do it (or it will become a black hole and you’ll look up and realize you’ve spent way too much time having great conversations, trust me, I’ve done it!).

If you create the right strategy and go about your connections in a meticulous, consistent manner, you will discover new people and new opportunities so quickly! For example, if part of what you do is call on the A&D Community, then you need to join rooms that are hosted by them, listen in, raise your hand, and contribute to the conversation. Rooms about architecture and design happen all the time. For example, I attended a room last week about “How Architects Are Using Clubhouse.” It was a very informative room!

If you focus on Corporate Real Estate, jump on! Though I don’t focus on this community, I’ve connected with multiple, active people in the field, and I’ve learned a lot about what’s happening in CRE and how our industries can partner. I can promise you that you’ll meet people in your area and people that can help you, refer you, make a connection to a new prospect, or invite you to participate in a bid. It’s all possible, but you have to get engaged. 

If you like to network, search the app for clubs and rooms focused on networking in your city or state. Something will come up, and you’ll be able to see upcoming events, follow clubs and people. If you are in sales, you absolutely should be reaching people where they are, and that means making this part of your strategy and plan! Clubhouse is so much more than social media.

Finding new clients can be difficult, especially right now, but Clubhouse is opening the door for you in ways that no one thought possible. It’s providing you a platform to connect, communicate, and engage — in real, LIVE time! If you show up and join the conversation, you will discover opportunities to grow personally and professionally, but most importantly, grow your business.  

If you need an invite, reach out, I have some to share! Let me know how you're finding success on this platform and how it’s helping you win more business. Visit my blog at www.sidmeadows.com/blog and let’s keep this conversation going!  


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