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A different perspective

Right now, there are a lot of conversations happening around the concept of how you should pivot your business, and if you know me and you know my focus on service and community — you know I am a big proponent of pivoting your business in a time of need. In fact, I’ve talked about it a few times in recent columns and Rob mentioned it in his opening letter of BOF a couple weeks ago, “Blockbuster vs Netflix.”

What it means to pivot your business is to change your customer segment, your channel, revenue model/pricing, and any other business component to create a substantial change in how you do business. And when I talk about pivoting in a time of need, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do right now take an honest, critical look at your business and consider what new opportunities might be possible in your organization, given the current state of our industry and today’s economy.  

So today, I want to provide a similar, but somewhat different definition and perspective on the concept of pivoting and hopefully give you a jumpstart on how you can pivot your business meaningfully to meet the modern times without detouring from your organization’s mission altogether. 

Before I jump into what this new definition is — first, let me share with you how I came about this concept.  Almost daily, I listen to a podcast. Normally, it’s part of my morning routine — I alternate between listening to a podcast and reading something informative and educational, but I tend to lean toward podcasts. Admitally, I’m a podcast junkie! Podcasts are a great way to receive valuable information and insights FAST, and it’s also a great way to share rapidfire thoughts and dense information in an intriguing way. Which is why I started my podcast — The Trend Report — in April of this year.  

One morning last week, I was listening to one of my favorites: “The Mind Your Business Podcast,” which is focused on helping entrepreneurs create success in their business from the inside out.  Specifically, I was listening to Episode 391: “What it Really Takes to Play a Bigger Game,” which has now become one of my most favorite episodes.  

During the conversation, the guest, Sanyika Street offered his perspective on the term pivot. So, rather than thinking of pivot in the normal sense, think of it as the acronym Powerful Inspiring Vision Of Tomorrow. 

What is so important about this acronym is just how descriptive it is. The concept is basically the same changing your business by using a powerful vision of tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow is always different and if you approach your business plan from the right place and continually improve your strategy, tomorrow has the unique opportunity to be better. 

As individuals, we should always strive to be better tomorrow than we are today! We should always be pushing ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. Our vision of our future should be changing, evolving, adapting, and growing as we do every day. I mean, who really wants to stay in the same place for the rest of our lives? Be exactly the same person, with the same vision and goals? No your vision should push you towards new challenges, more opportunities, and a better tomorrow.

The same thing goes for our careers and our businesses! Do you really want to be in the same place you are today in 3, 5, or 10 years? I hope not, because if it’s your goal to just stay right where you are, then you’re not taking steps to learn, grow, develop, plan, and execute. If you find yourself in this mindset, then we should hop on a coaching call together and talk about what’s holding you back from dreaming big!

Having a Powerful Inspiring Vision of Tomorrow will allow you to consistently create the best pivot for your business at the right time and the time for you to adapt is now. I know I’ve said this before and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but if you’re waiting for things to go back to normal you’re going to be waiting forever. Life and business will never look the same as they did prior to March 2020.

The reason I keep talking and writing about this is I want you to have amazing success! I want you to have the life, career, and business that other people only dream of. Why? Because if you’re reading this column, you know there is something else waiting for you you just have to have the courage to go after it! And that starts with seeing the current situation with your eyes wide open and developing your Pivot:






It’s within you to discover and create that vision! Grab a sheet of paper and start creating it, writing it down, and dreaming big. Once you have the ideas, visual it, then develop a plan to get you moving in that direction!

To quote Helen Keller and hopefully give you some inspiration for your day, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

Be sure to join the conversation, and let me know what your Powerful Inspiring Vision of Tomorrow is by visiting my blog at www.sidmeadows.com/blog 


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