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Episode 95 Show Notes


Sometimes those clients who seem like they’re too good to be true, really are just that amazing. When Barbara and Anthony Brandt, a mom and son team, came to Bill Grant to help them build a new brand, he didn’t think they were real. 

Together they were able to build and launch an entirely new brand all while exclusively using Zoom. The experience for everyone involved was unbelievably seamless because as Anthony says, when you do the right things for the right reasons, things work.

What they’ve created is a company called Plural Studios and they are revolutionizing the world of healthcare furniture. Not only in beautiful product design but in the way that they manufacture, sell, and market. 

They believe in real, handmade furniture that’s crafted here in the United States. They’re also decentralizing manufacturing to better serve the local areas where they sell. Additionally, they are doing all of their sales in house. 

At Plural, they believe in growing a business organically by cultivating long-lasting relationships and solving their customers' problems. In their mind, they don’t sell furniture, they sell solutions. 

Look out! They are revolutionizing the industry. Listen in to hear all about their journey, their brand, and how it’s all come together in just a couple short years, despite the pandemic.

In this episode:

[01:45] Welcome to the show, Anthony Brandt and Bill Grant!

[02:00] Anthony shares who he is and what he does.

[02:25] Bill talks about his company and what they do.

[03:41] Listen as Anthony discusses the start of the company and the journey to what is now Plural.

[09:45] Bill speaks about working with Anthony on their marketing.

[13:04] They discuss how relationships are the foundation of the industry.

[14:46] Bill shares where the name Plural came from.

[18:01] Anthony talks about why the name fits the company perfectly.

[19:44] He discusses Plural’s approach to manufacturing.

[22:56] Bill speaks about the huge advantage Plural see’s with their way of manufacturing.

[23:50] Anthony talks about material sourcing through the pandemic.

[28:11] He discusses the different ways Plural approaches sales.

[32:49] “When you start doing the right things for the right reasons you will attract the right customers.” 

[34:45] Bill shares how great it is to work with Anthony and Plural.

[39:11] “Products should solve a problem that the client has.”

[39:44] Anthony says that their customer base has grown because they listen to what their customers need.

[42:25] I share a quick side story about having fun doing what you do so that it’s not work.

[45:51] Find out how to connect with Anthony and Bill.

[47:02] Thank you for being with us today on The Trend Report.

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